About Us


Agrichip Performance Tuning delivers high performance and fuel economy to your vehicle. Founded in Scotland in 2008, this process of Engine Tuning, Diesel Tuning and Petrol Tuning benefits all types of vehicles.

Agrichip has been manufactured and distributed longer in Scotland than many car remapping or car chipped services have been in existence. With Agrichip, the Engine Tuning, Diesel Tuning and Petrol Tuning is designed to improve the performance and fuel economy of cars, trucks, 4X4’s, motorhomes, commercial vehicles and tractors.


Agrichip was introduced as an improved method over engine chipping and engine remapping. A chip or map method is invasive to the vehicles engine management system. It removes the cars original software and is difficult to reverse or change if the result is not desirable.

The Agrichip is everything a Map or Chip cannot be. It is adjustable, removable and does not interfere with your vehicles original equipment. It leaves the engines safety parameters in place and provides independently proven fuel savings of 12%.


The software files on each Agrichip have been developed under road and simulated road conditions. Using our 1000 BHP dynamometer (or Dyno rolling road). Maximum performance and economy are achieved without removing
the manufacturer’s safety measures.

When Agrichip was first introduced, it was promoted as an improved method of increasing performance and economy compared to engine chipping or engine remapping. That is because a chip or map is actually invasive to the engine management system of your vehicle.

When a chipping or mapping system is used, it removes the original software from your vehicle. This makes it difficult to reverse or even change should the result of the process not produce the desired improvements. The Agrichip is everything that a Map or Chip cannot be.

The Agrichip is completely adjustable and is removable. It also does not interfere with the original software of your vehicle. The safety parameters of your engine remain in place and have produced proven results of fuel savings up to 20%.

Each Agrichip contains software files that were developed under actually road and simulated road conditions using the Dyno ‘rolling road’ (1000 BHP Dynometer). As a result, your engine will perform better and provide improved fuel economy without the need to remove the original manufacturer’s safety measures.